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Big Brother Is Here! (Terms and Conditions May Apply Assignment)

First off the documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply” scared the crap out of me! Just the fact that all my social and daily activity on the Internet is being monitored makes me want to delete all my social media platform accounts! A couple of points that I took from the documentary are the risk of my personal and private information always being existent and accessible, and the data that corporate companies acquire due to our Internet activity.

The implications of providing information are the direct repercussions, which is the direct access to our personal lives and activity constantly. I am scared that my online identity will never disappear, if I choose to deactivate or delete my social media platform accounts. The consequence is having your online identity always being public, however, giving personal information online is inevitable because society bases it’s existence on the usage of the internet, for not only social purposes, but for the job market and economy. The Internet is universal, and a connecting factor in all of our lives in some type of way. So who owns the data? I am assuming from the documentary, the government and corporate companies like Facebook. Mass intercepting detects and analyzes patterns through the personal use of the Internet. That in itself is very frightening How do you we ever escape the ever looming presence of the Internet, or Big Brother? I wonder if it is only going to get worse as the Internet progresses. I think I can exercise discretion on the Internet more, especially with Facebook. I am seriously contemplating deleting one social media platform, however, it is hard to do so when socially, and these platforms are now the norm of communicating. I am wondering what we can do as a society to diminish these “Big Brother” ideologies of intrusion and private online activity and information becoming public.

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#1 POSTED BY Zoe Sera Goetzmann, 04/13 5:23 PM

First, I really love the title of your article! (haha). Second, I was wondering if you had any opinions about the advertising/marketing angle of the film (i.e. the beginning animation with all of those cartoon pop-ads). Since I know, that this is one of the focuses of your conference project, I wanted to know if (from that perspective), you would consider the marketer's job to be 'disruptive' and 'intrusive,' since these advertisements are their main form for gathering their research results. Although I had the exact same reaction, as you did to the film, I couldn't help, but to consider this thought.

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