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Welcome to my BLOG 

Hi! I'm Dominique, and I am a senior! I am a psychology and writing student here at SLC! I love all things communications. My blog is dedicated to the history and reinvention of Public Relations and the creation of Social Media Marketing! Some of my favorite things are art, dance, and the colors purple and pink! 

Stay tuned... 


  In concluding the major points of customization marketing with my last blog, I intend to try to acknowledge key questions brought up in the article “Putting, one-to-one marketing to work: Personalization, customization, and choic...

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Some assumption in marketing is that a consumer realizes higher utility when the product better matches the consumer preferences. Therefore, when costs and efforts to achieve this match are sufficiently low, firms with some monopolistic power may reap hig...

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     At the Surveillance Research and Action: Approaches to Information Freedom panel, major themes surrounding issues with privacy online: awareness, accountability, and Internet literacy were addressed. I really enjoyed Gregory Donov...

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First off the documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply” scared the crap out of me! Just the fact that all my social and daily activity on the Internet is being monitored makes me want to delete all my social media platform accounts! A coupl...

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   In this article from the NYU Stern Business School, researchers are analyzing the marketing strategy, “one-to-one.” A firm, marketing to the individual costumer is the essence of one-to-one marketing. Two forms of one-to-marketing...

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