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Not all lifestyle blogs are glamorized

In my project, I have explored Norwegian lifestyle bloggers and the way they present themselves online, but there are also lifestyle bloggers who write about their unglamorized everyday life: they sarcastically make fun of lifestyle bloggers in a humorous way, revealing their unglamorous everyday life by posting funny pictures of themselves without makeup with their kids chaotically running around them. One of these bloggers calls herself comedian wife (, directly making fun of the famous blogger “the soccer wife”.  The “comedian wife” writes about her problem with acne and her poor cooking-skills. It’s funny, because she writes the same product reviews as “the soccer wife”, but hers, especially when it comes to food, turn out to be disasters rather than perfectly done, picture-ready meals. Here’s an example of both bloggers reviewing “cake in a cup”:


“The soccer wife”:    


“The comedian wife”:


“The comedian wife’s” blog does not look as esthetically professional as’s platform, and instead of focusing on photos and colors, she writes funny stories from her day, emphasizing mistakes, her messy husband and bad habits. Reading her blog is like confirming or reassuring ourselves that striving to become as perfect as “the soccer wife” is not realistic.


It seems like the comedian wife’s main purpose is to present a more genuine, real and humorous type of housewife to show us that, even though other lifestyle bloggers present their life as perfect, it does not necessarily mean that it is perfect. Presenting personalities online is a tricky case: it is easy to create a perfect profile, and can be described as filtering, where all the negative aspects, or aspects you are not happy with are excluded.

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#1 POSTED BY Collette Sosnowy, 05/07 10:13 PM

What a great comparison...I love the comedian's wife's version of the Cake in a Cup review. SO much more approachable. I'm sure more people can relate to that, so why is it that we are seduced by a perfect-looking life, even when it seems a lot less realistic, and not as enjoyable?

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