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This blog is intended to be a platform to discuss and come to better understand both the positives and negatives of social media and the Internet. This topic will be addressed on the blog through a series of posts profiling individuals that ‘reject’ technology in some way, as well as posts that examine readings and books that pertain to this topic. Lack of access to Internet will also be covered. Through these posts I hope to facilitate discourse surrounding the degree to which social media has become a necessity in the world today.

My name is Hannah Johnson and I am a senior at Sarah Lawrence College studying psychology and writing. My interest in this topic comes primarily in the shift that is occurring in the world of written media (from paper to digital) and how this shift will affect the future of written communication such as fiction, non-fiction, and journalistic practice.

Please feel free to comment openly, as I hope this blog will facilitate an open dialogue on social media and the role it plays in this shift.


We live in a world where reality is so interwoven with technology and social media that it can be difficult to distinguish the real from the virtual in the day to day. Many have become completely dependent on their technological devices for social interac...

Choice vs. Accessibility

At the beginning of the semester I set aside a post (this post) to discuss the differences between people who actively choose not to use the Internet and those who do not have access. What I have discovered throughout my research however is that no clearl...

Technological Disparities: A Profile of the Amish

The Amish are kind of a mysterious bunch. Those of us from the Midwest—Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana—have probably seen them at local farmers markets selling farm goods or crafts, or if we’re lucky enough live among them and inte...

Reflection on Privacy as it Applies to Internet Usage

Upon reflecting on the readings for the talk on Privacy and Security, as well as our class discussion, I find myself asking the same question Collette recently asked me over Twitter, “How much does concern over privacy contribute to the choice not t...

Brief Review of Alone Together by Sherry Turkle

Earlier this semester we watched Sherry Turkle’s TED talk in class addressing the relationship between humans and computers, and how those relationships have impacted our interactions with one another. The chapters I read in her latest book Alone To...

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