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Course Numbers

The first four characters of the course number identify the discipline, the four numbers indicate the level of the course (the level is spelled out more clearly in the last column of the schedule), the letter following the four numbers identifies the type of course using the following codes:

A Small Seminar
B Senior Seminar/Colloquium
C Conference
F First-Year Studies
J Joint Seminar
L Lecture
P Program
R Regular Seminar
U Component

Time and Days

Days of class meetings are indicated in the middle column using the following codes:

M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday

The time of each course is listed to the right of the days.


The meeting place for each course is listed to the right of the time. The following table identifies some standard abbreviations used:

ANDH Andrews House
BOULD Boulder
CSC Campbell Sports Center
DL Dudley Lawrence
HEIM Heimbold Visual Arts Center
LIBR Library
MACC MacCracken
MFLD Marshall Field
MORL Morril House
PAC Performing Arts Center
ROTH Rothschild
SC Science Center
SHEFF Sheffield
SLON Slonim
SWIN Swinford
TITS Titsworth
WEST Westlands
WREX 45 Wrexham