The performance review process should be a thoughtful and deliberate one, with supervisors reviewing the previous year’s evaluation, reflecting on important milestones and challenges throughout the year, and developing forward-looking, specific goals in partnership with the employee.   Staff will be provided with the option, and should be strongly encouraged to complete an  Employee Self-Assessment Worksheet, where they can summarize their strengths, challenges, accomplishments and future goals. Supervisors should consider the feedback provided on this form in their development of the employee’s performance review.

When describing an area for improvement it is important that supervisors be specific about their expectations in that area.  Staff should receive a copy of their performance evaluation, in advance of the scheduled review discussion. 

Upon completion of the review discussion, the employee is invited to make a written comment at the end of the form.  The evaluation must be signed by the supervisor(s) and the employee prior to sending it to Human Resources.  Remember to keep a copy for your files.

Performance review forms are available here.