Sarah Lawrence Staff Assistance Fund

Employees who are suffering financial hardship as a result of a recent layoff or temporary furlough from Sarah Lawrence College may be eligible to apply for a one-time emergency financial assistance award (generally up to $1,000) from the Sarah Lawrence Staff Assistance Fund. To be eligible the employee must have successfully completed the three-month probationary period.  Emergency payments will be granted contingent on available resources in the Staff Emergency Fund.

Employees may apply for funds by writing a letter or email to Human Resources outlining their specific need, including proof of financial hardship, and indicating the name and address of the business and account number to be paid. Requests must be received during the employee’s furlough period, or within 90-days of being laid off. The funds cannot be paid directly to the employee or be used for the payment of taxes.

Proof of financial hardship must be substantiated and included with the written request for assistance.  Documentation of financial hardship can include a late rent or mortgage notice, eviction or foreclosure notice, utility late payment or shut off notices, extraordinary medical bills, etc.

Employees may donate money to the Sarah Lawrence Staff Assistance Fund via ongoing payroll deduction or single cash/check donation by completing the  Staff Assistance Fund Election Form.pdf and submitting it to Human Resources.