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Guest Blogger: Dominique

Young People and Social Media

Boyd in Chapters 1 and 7 makes fresh and creative observations on youth online participatory behavior and positive affects that being digitally literate in the social media age can produce. In Chapter 1, she brings up the tran...

Guest blogger: Saibi

Young People and Social Media

In chapter 1 of Its Complicated, boyd introduces the idea that how a teen presents him or herself on the internet and over social media should not be taken at face value as a complete and wholly accurate depiction of that indi...

Guest blogger: Andres

“Online Profiles: Remediating the Coming-Out Story.” Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America.

Gray, M. 2009. - Pps. 121-140

Amy, age 15

Amy, a white teenager living in Central Kentucky, discovers LGBT identities o...

Guest blog: Matt

Summary of the Panel:

Speaker 1, Gregory Donovan:

Approached study of the Internet as an ecological study. Primarily analyzed the exploitative nature of “dataveillance” and growing “Smart City” ecosystem.

“Dataveillance” ...

Guest blogger: Maddy

The panel discussion on tuesday began with a power point by Gregory Donovan an Assistant Professor on Sociology and Urban Studies. His presentation introduced vocabulary such as “dataveillance,” and “smart city” to help describe th...

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